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At Burley Manor, the main event is undoubtedly the simple vibrant, rustic and of course tasty food, enjoyed together. There is absolutely no need to whisper, with a relaxing, fun atmosphere, perfect for enjoying time with friends and family.


Our Mediterranean inspired dishes follow the seasons, allowing nature to play a leading role in our menu. It’s about a handful of the best ingredients, sourced well, prepared simply, with the help of our wood-fired oven, to make the most of their flavours. We advocate the slow food movement, but don’t worry this doesn’t mean your food is slow to cook. We just spend longer finding the most special produce from as close a radius as possible – that’s the only slow bit.

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Sunday Lunch

Cooking traditionally in our wood-fired oven we are able to bring you simple, but beautiful dishes with unique flavours – a Sunday lunch like no other. Indulge alone or choose to share, it’s time to try something new.

Sunday’s are a great opportunity to gather the whole family together, so join us for a refreshing take on your familiar Sunday lunch.

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Our wine list offers an ever-changing choice of 25 whites and reds, and uniquely, they are all available by a third of a bottle carafe (250ml). Our Sommelier explains: “The concept makes it easier to explore the wine list and sample something new, where none of your classic choices may be evident but your new favourite can be found hiding in a wine you have never experienced before.”

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