Burley Manor at autumn

Autumn at Burley Manor is something very special; as you enter through the giant double doors you’re greeted by the inviting smell of burning wood and warmth from the open log fire, you can’t help but take in a deep breath and feel at home.

To your left you’ll see our drawing room furnished with comfortable arm chairs in oranges and greens accompanied by warm glowing lamps, golden mirrors and a wonderful assortment of artwork. This is the perfect room to relax in, ideal for you to unwind, warm up with a hot beverage and simply enjoy quality time away in peace.

Situated just around the other side of the grand open fire in the entrance hall is our lounge decorated with the richest of colours including Brinjal on the walls from Farrow and Ball. In here you’ll find all sorts of indulgence from our freshly baked cake of the day, sweet treat meringues to delicious chocolate chip cookies which all go perfectly with a hot cuppa. At the bar, you can order a selection of soft and alcoholic beverages and are able to choose your favourite tipple from our ever-changing wine list. We recommend you get together with friends and family, take a slice of the cake, grab a drink, then pick a seat and get all warm and cosy whilst enjoying a much needed catch up. The autumn skies and the beautiful red and golden hues of the trees in our picturesque surroundings are something to truly admire this time of year. You may even spot the red deer skipping around in the frosted grass right across from the manor.

Autumn is the season for eating hearty, home-cooked dishes and our restaurant provides just that. Our chefs take superb seasonal ingredients from the New Forest, across the British Isles and beyond, then craft them into vibrant, rustic dishes with bold flavours and delicate tastes of the Mediterranean.  Our restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for getting together with the whole family and enjoying each other’s company.

“A sanctuary for wellbeing to rejuvenate mind, body and soul” – After a busy summer, the autumn is time to refresh and revitalise ready for the winter ahead.  At Burley Manor, we have partnered up with Temple Spa to bring you a range of luxurious and indulgent treatments that have been hand-picked to leave you feeling refreshed long after you leave the serenity of our rooms.

Our location is one of the best reasons to visit us this autumn. The New Forest is filled with beautiful autumnal landscapes and unforgettable vibrant sunsets. Our New Forest animal neighbours are still foraging around and pannage season is in full swing meaning you might even spot some pigs out and about snaffling up all the acorns, beech mast and chestnuts that have fallen from the trees.

So, join us this autumn to unwind, relax, indulge and simply enjoy the sweet pleasures of autumn right here in the heart of the New Forest. To book a room click here or to book a table click here.