'The outer glow' May treatment of the month

Our therapist Jasmine has chosen her recommended treatment of the month for May…

“It’s the last month of spring before the summer season starts. Prepping for the warmer days ahead couldn’t be easier with our May treatment of the month, ‘The outer glow’, created by Temple Spa – It will leave you glowing long after you leave the tranquillity of our wellbeing sanctuary.

I will use Temple Spa’s unique Mediterranean body scrub, ‘sugar buff’ – this beautiful scented scrub is an all over anti-ageing body scrub that leaves your skin smooth, fragrant and buffed to complete perfection.

I’ll also use ‘breakfast smoothie’ to exfoliate your face, it’s a natural exfoliator and mask all in one, filled with goodness that will brighten and smooth your skin, as well as encouraging the cell renewal process. Afterwards your face will feel hydrated and toned with improved elasticity. This is a spectacular product great for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

This invigorating and refreshing treatment lasts for 40 minutes and leaves the skin top-to-toe soft, revitalised and hydrated. I have to say, it is the perfect way to begin another treatment and an absolute must before you commence your vacation or special event. Go and glow!”