A French feast In our Butler's Pantry

Think of French cuisine, as a way of life. It’s about the pleasure of sitting down with family to enjoy good food. So with this in mind, sip on a glass of champagne, chat away and watch as dishes come straight from our wood-fired oven to table. There’s a lot of tradition involved in French cooking – It’s about building flavours and savouring every bite!

Our Executive Chef, James has put together some dishes to give you some inspiration on what you might get for your Butler’s Pantry experience if you choose an evening of French cuisine.

First you’ll enjoy a selection of flatbreads, lavosh, oils and grissini with queen olives and caper berries before delving into your mezze choices.



Garlic oyster mushrooms are a French classic, full of flavour and a great way to start your French feast.

If you’re a lover of seafood then opt for Lula; grilled squid with chilli, sumac and garlic or prawns with sundried and fresh tomatoes, they are both delicious choices.

Roquefort and fig tart is a hearty vegetarian favourite – It’s creamy, flavoursome and tasty!



Provencal beef daube; you may recognise this dish from our kitchen menu, it’s a classic stew made with smoked pork and tongue served with sage dumplings.

The French are famous for their seafood dishes and we couldn’t help but add Marseille bouillabaisse to the menu. It’s a fish stew served with parmesan, croutes and rouille – Also available as a sharing dish on our Sunday Kitchen menu.

To accompany your chosen mains, pommes boulangere is the French method of oven cooking potatoes and it’s delicious!


To finish off your French experience enjoy a slice of tarte Tatin of apple, calvados sauce and cardamom ice cream – Mmm!



The French enjoy a glass of wine with many of their meals they like to think of it as a small luxury on a daily basis – and we agree!

The French have very basic rules when it comes to pairing wines with food:

Rule one: Red wine goes with meat, and white goes with seafood and poultry

Rule two: Forget rule one and drink what you enjoy!

Though we do have some recommendations for a few of the dishes mentioned:

To pair with the veal and other grilled meat dishes our Versant cabernet sauvignon will make the perfect match.

For the seafood dishes choose our Spy Valley sauvignon Blanc, it’s bright with a refreshing finish.