in good spirits an invigorating massage

February is the month to show a little extra love to those who mean the most to you, especially that special someone. Our head therapist Karen has chosen her recommended treatment for you and your loved one to enjoy together;

“This month I have chosen one of my favourite Mediterranean massages – ‘In good spirits’. It’s a beautiful treatment that can be enjoyed by both men and women for the perfect relaxing morning or afternoon here in our wellbeing sanctuary. You can choose a duration of 25, 55 or 85 minutes, I would recommend either 55 or 85 minutes as it also includes a facial at the end.

‘In good spirits’ is an invigorating massage designed to leave you full of vitality. We use a spectacular blend of Mediterranean essential oils that are carefully chosen to stimulate and refresh the skin, mind and soul.

The clever massage movements encourage circulation leaving your aching muscles feeling eased and soothed.

I use the ‘in good spirits’ energising bathing and massage oil with aromas of grapefruit, peppermint and lime. This particular product is simply amazing – It helps restore your equilibrium, naturally raise energy levels and leave your spirits feeling lifted.

It’s refreshing and invigorating blend of over 30 Mediterranean essential oils all work together to hydrate your skin and elevate your mood – You’ll feel restored in no time with this top-to-toe revival!”