Our event with Farrow & Ball

On a sunny Thursday morning, last week, we were joined by Joa, international colour consultant for Farrow & Ball.

Our 48 guests were welcomed with tea, coffee and biscuits whilst they had time to admire our drawing room and lounge, both decorated with colours from Farrow & Ball. Once they’d had time to relax after their journeys they were taken over to our beautiful barn where Farrow & Ball gift bags were waiting, perfectly placed on rows of gold chairs.

As Joa took to the front to begin her talk the excited chatter died down and all eyes were on her. Starting with her 21-year career with Farrow & Ball, Joa talked through how her role consists of developing and creating their colours as well as doing a handful of talks throughout the UK and giving her interior hints and tips to clients.

A few tips that we learnt:

Before choosing paints and wallpaper that you would like to use in your decorating project, it’s important to think about the overall look you are trying to achieve. Joa recommends taking inspiration from homes magazines, blogs, pinterest and other social media channels. Collate the images you find into a mood board so you have a clear idea of how you want the final space to look and feel.

Once you’ve got all your inspiration in place it’s time to choose colours. One of her main tricks is to take the time to paint your chosen colours on 2 A4 pieces of paper or card and place these in two areas of the room you want to decorate. Move these around the room so you can see how it will appear in different types of light.

Most importantly try to keep in mind, the following 3 aspects when decorating: light, architecture and your own personal style.

Joa says:

“Light is incredibly important when choosing colour for your room, and you need to consider which direction the room faces and whether it has a lot of natural light. Colour varies according to both the quality and type of natural light and the same colour can often appear quite different from room to room, at different times of the day and even depending on the time of year.

If you’re lucky enough to have a period home with lots of beautiful architectural features, you might want to highlight these. Don’t be tempted to use too many colours though as you may distract from the very thing you are trying to enhance. For a sophisticated look in a neutral room if you paint a shade or two darker than the wall colour you can subtly draw attention to the detail. If your features are more functional, like a radiator, then you may prefer for these to disappear, the best way to do this is to paint them in the same colour as the walls.”

After the talk had finished, guests were shown to their tables where they sat to enjoy a 2-course seasonal lunch of roasted porchetta pork loin stuffed with pine nuts and apricots and for the vegetarians a scrumptious wood-roasted wrapped feta dish with herbs, olive oil and preserved lemon and both served with seasonal vegetables – The perfect way to end a delightful afternoon!

If you want to hear anymore hints and tips from Joa, we’d love to have you next time!