Slow Food Movement Being apart of something bigger and better

Since launching our unique restaurant and rooms in December we have been dedicated to the Slow Food Movement. If you are unaware of this movement, it’s about embracing the simple pleasures of great food without harming the community or the environment, so it’s a win-win for all!

The organisation was founded in 1989 in Italy and they still stand as a not-for-profit organisation. They just simply seek to promote a better way to eat, not only in the UK but internationally. It’s not only for restaurants, you can get involved too just head to their website to find out more.

At our restaurant you can find the best variety of fine dining dishes made only with the finest of ingredients sourced from suppliers we trust, and cooked in our wood-fired oven which helps elevate the flavours.

For instance, all our fruit and veg is sourced from Village Veg, our local greengrocer that is located only a 15-minute drive down the road. With it being this close to us we have the pleasure of being delivered the highest quality of fruit and veg on a daily basis, allowing us to provide you with fruit and veg that is fresh and full of flavour!

It’s not only our fruit and veg that we source through this movement, it’s everything from our dressings and oils that compliment every dish, to our cheese that is produced right in the heart of the New Forest from Lyburn Cheese; they even have their own cattle so the milk comes straight from their site!

Our poultry has to be free-range and naturally reared and that is why we source all of our birds from Cobley Wood who are the only ones able to offer us a superior selection of rare breed birds.

We don’t just stop here though, to see our full range you’ll just have to come in and read the back of our menu, where we take pride in informing you of exactly where all of our food is produced.

So whether you are staying in our hotel or not, we welcome you to come and join us for lunch or dinner and be a part of something bigger and something better for both our environment and our community. We believe you’ll be able to taste the difference and feel good about knowing that everything on your plate has been sourced as locally as possible from only the finest hand-picked suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for? To book a table simply call our friendly reservations team on 0800 44 44 41 or email us at