The ultimate feast in our Butler's Pantry

Our restaurant sits at the heart of everything we do and we take pride sourcing, creating and delivering delicious vibrant dishes inspired by the Mediterranean. If you’re a foodie who already loves feasting in our restaurant, or maybe you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, then it’s time to gather together and take a seat in our Butler’s Pantry.

Intrigued? Our Butler’s Pantry is our own spin on the chef’s table, allowing you to enjoy a unique, tailored Mediterranean feast. Before you arrive you’ll get the chance to choose from 7 utterly delicious cuisines including: Spanish, Greek, Italian, Turkish, French, Lebanese and Moroccan.

Arrive to a glass of fizz each to sip on whilst settling in for the evening ahead. First you’ll enjoy a selection of breads including lavosh and Lebanese Za’atar, oils, Queen olives and caper berries to get your taste buds going. Then it’s time to delve into your mezze options followed by mains and desserts. Throughout the evening you’ll chat away with our talented chefs who will be on hand all evening to guide you through their chosen choices for your unique feast and you’ll get to watch as your dishes come straight from oven to table. You’ll also have a member of our friendly waiting team to bring you your dishes, clear the table after each course and to keep your glasses filled.

Choosing a wine or two to match the array of vibrant flavours found in your Mediterranean dishes can be a little tricky, but ask your server for their top recommendations as they’ll be able to find the best tipples from our ever-changing wine list.

We don’t have set menus for each cuisine as our chefs take seasonal ingredients from across the British Isles and beyond, meaning the dishes will vary from season to season. We also believe that every Butler’s Pantry experience should be unique and therefore our chefs create new delicious dishes for every group that joins us. But, if you wanted to get a feel for the dishes you can enjoy, we have a journal dedicated for each cuisine, click below to discover more.

Sound good? Our Butler’s Pantry is available to groups of 6 to 8 for £60 per person, so gather your friends and family and enjoy an evening like no other in our beautiful and relaxed surroundings.

To book, drop us a call on 01425 403522