A Moroccan feast big, bold and packed with flavour

Take a seat in our Butler’s Pantry this spring with your friends and celebrate the season with a taste of Morocco. Haven’t heard of our Butler’s Pantry before? You can find all about our ultimate food experience here in a recent blog post.

Moroccan food is big, bold and packed with flavour and our chefs will delve into well-known recipes, as well as serving you a few dishes to tempt your taste buds. But first things first, you’ll enjoy a selection of breads and oils to get things started before enjoying a selection of mezzes:



Moroccan Chickpea and Lentil Soup – This fiery soup is a favourite from our main menu and a definite winner in the winter months.

Kefta Mkaouara is a Moroccan dish traditionally made in a tagine. Small beef or lamb meatballs are simmered in a spiced tomato sauce, then eggs are added in the last few minutes of cooking. Best served with crusty bread – Delish!

Spiced octopus salad – Octopus is a prized ingredient in the Mediterranean and always cooked fresh and in the simplest of form. Our chefs like to pair it best with a fresh salad and a little spice.



Lamb or goat tagine – This delicious tagine is full of exotic aromas and vibrant flavours, all slow-cooked together for three hours, perfectly accompanied with couscous or flatbreads.

Moroccan chicken – Another one pot dish using locally sourced free-range chicken breast cooked together with tomatoes, onions, ground cinnamon, ginger, garlic, dried apricots and prunes – Trust us when we say this is seriously tasty!

Harissa vegetables – Harissa is a hot chilli pepper paste which is especially good with seasonal roasted vegetables, especially sweet vegetable like squash, carrots and fennel. The vegetables are chopped and tossed in the paste before roasting – They make the perfect addition to any Moroccan main dish.

Another side we love to accompany our Moroccan dishes is potatoes spiced with cumin and finish with sumac.



Moroccan hmanncha – a traditional pastry filled with almonds and perfumed with orange-blossom water, is the perfect way to finish off your Moroccan feast.



With all of the vibrant, bold and spicy flavours of Moroccan dishes it can be a little tricky to find the perfect pairing wine, but we have spoken with our connoisseur to discover his top recommendations for a Moroccan feast in our Butler’s Pantry:

For your mezzes a fruity white tends to lend itself well, from our current wine list we have Journey’s End Single Vineyard Chardonnay – This is a bright and elegant white wine with aromsa of citrus peel, dried peach and crushed sweet almonds. It’s rich and intense on the palate and the finish is long and well-balanced.

For dishes like the lamb tagine that incorporate dried fruit, then a mellow aged red like Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Reserva; this wine is rich and smooth, with aromas and flavours of red fruits and hints of black pepper.


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