A Fascinating History

Burley Manor’s history makes fascinating reading. Its first recorded owner was Forester Roger de Burley way back in 1212. The de Burley family remained as Lords of the Manor until 1388 when Sir Simon de Burley, a Knight of the Garter brought up with King Edward III’s son Edward (the Black Prince), was impeached for treason and died a traitor’s death.He was executed and his lands were forfeited to the crown.

Hampshire cricketer Sir Thomas Ridge lived at the manor in the early 1700s, before Brigadier-General John Carnac became its owner. The British officer who served three times as Commander-in-Chief of India later became an MP.

But the current building was built by Colonel William Clement Drake Esdaile, who became its owner in 1852 and demolished the original building. The colonel was a magistrate and Verderer – custodian – of the New Forest. By 1935, the manor had become a hotel and it has served guests ever since, apart from a short spell as a military HQ when it was requisitioned by Lord Montgomery during the war.